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A Brief History of the Livonia Civic Chorus…
Livonia Civic Chorus... The First 50 Years...1965-2015

ln 1965 the choir of St. Maurice Church of Livonia was disbanded. The members, however, shared a love of choral music and continued singing in members’ homes. One of the members heard that the Department of Parks and Recreation was considering sponsoring a mixed singing group. The director of the department was approached with the proposal that the former choir could form the nucleus of that group. A public notice announcing the formation of the group and inviting new members was published. Thus, the Livonia Civic Chorus, as it came to be known, was born.

The music of the chorus has ranged from simple unison numbers to challenging, intricate harmonies. But more than just vocal talent has been exhibited when costumes, sets, choreography, creative writing and organizational skills are considered. Artistic talent, creativity and a dedicated work ethic are essential to the continued success of the Chorus.

The Chorus prepares for two main performances a year. The first season begins in September as the Chorus prepares for a winter holiday show performed in December. The second season begins in January to prepare for the spring show in May.

Shows prove to be a lot of fun for both the Chorus and its audience.

This short history for the web page was taken from a lengthier one written by Charter Chorus member Hank Kanar. Click here to see the full history.