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Sponsored, in part, by the Livonia Department of Parks and Recreation
37637 Five Mile Rd., Suite 156, Livonia, MI 48154, 734-542-9071

About the Chorus:
In 1965, the Livonia Civic Chorus was founded by a group of adults who LOVE TO SING. The Chorus celebrated its 50th anniversary, during the 2014-2015 season, of providing musical entertainment to Livonia and its surrounding communities. Chorus members represent a wide range of occupations and musical training. The only requirements are the ability to carry a tune, a love of singing and the willingness to have fun! Membership is not limited to Livonia residents. The Chorus Director conducts a simple vocal placement audition in order to determine your part in the Chorus.

Show Schedule:
The Chorus presents a holiday program in December each year. During this holiday season they also sing out into the community at several venues such as the Livonia Tree Lighting, the Knights of Columbus, and Greenmead Historical Village. The holiday program is usually mid-December on a Sunday at 3 p.m. at Clarenceville High School on Middlebelt in Livonia. There is also a Spring Show in mid-May on a Sunday at 3 p.m. at Clarenceville High School on Middlebelt in Livonia. In the Spring Session, the Chorus also performs its "Musical Interlude for Seniors" program in Livonia senior care facilities.

For over 40 years, proceeds from the musical efforts of the Livonia Civic Chorus have provided vocal music scholarships for talented Livonia students. The Chorus currently provides a scholarship for a vocal music student at Madonna University, and scholarships for high school and middle school students from Livonia community schools to attend Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.

Members are expected to attend all rehearsals. Attendance is taken each week. If illness keeps you from attending a rehearsal, you should notify your Section Leader. Missing rehearsals for other reasons should be discussed in advance with the Director and President of the Chorus. Our ByLaws have a 60% rehearsal requirement for performance in the concert for each session.

Dues are $50 per concert season (September-December) and $50 for January-May. LCC is a 501c3 charitable corporation and all of its operating expenses are paid with funds raised by Chorus members, grants, and other donations. Members are expected to participate as much as possible in fundraising events and concert ticket sales.

There is no charge to members for music. However, all music provided is the property of the Livonia Civic Chorus. You may take music home once your dues have been paid. Music is memorized for LCC concerts. Rehearsal CD's will be provided to assist you in memorizing music. Rehearsal time is spent fine-tuning music and time outside of rehearsal will be needed to memorize music. All music must be returned at the end of each concert season or the member will be invoiced for its cost according to the ByLaws..

The Chorus has formal attire for the men and women of the Chorus and funds a small part of the cost for the attire. This formal attire must be purchased by each member in time for each major concert. Other concert attire varies according to the program themes and are out-of-pocket expenses for members. Check with the Costume Committee for further details.